Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Robert Sussman Las Vegas, NV – The talented business with a difference

Robert Sussman is a popular name in America and is also known to the world for his impressive business talents, marketing skills and hard work. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the owner of a marketing company called 1 Planet Media which has three varied divisions of operation. Mr. Sussman being a veteran in this field of marketing and sales knows how to play by the rules and make the most of it. He runs successful businesses and employs more than hundreds of people and thus is a great man to admire and follow.

Vacation Tree

Vacation Tree is a business of Mr. Sussman, where various properties are rented and sold. This timeshare is conducted by means call centres that are situated and owned by Robert Sussman Las Vegas, NV and El Cajon. The operators in these centres contact with people who are interested to rent or sell their properties. If affirmed, they give advertises and look for eligible buyers. If buyers are not found, then Mr. Sussman himself buys those properties. Thus, following this transparent procedure, Vacation Tree has become quite a sensation.

Events and Shows in Las Vegas

RobertSussman Las Vegas, NV has not only stopped at these businesses, but also combined with a popular magazine to boost up the travel and tourism of Las Vegas. With the help of , tourists who are interested to visit Las Vegas can obtain all the necessary details about that place even before setting foot there. One can also be aware of the events or shows that happen there and thus can plan their trip accordingly.

Thus, it can be said that Robert Sussman Las Vegas, NV is an experienced businessman who knows which paths to tread on in order to progress in life and reach the top.

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